10 Guiding Principles of Baby Satay

Our Family has been making these Great-Tasting Satays for 3 generations. The original secret recipe was from a Grand Aunt in Johor, Malaysia. The recipe was later refined, combining the original authentic taste with modern food processes and philosophies.

As such, we say:

  1. Yes to Clean and Hygenic Food – Sources of meat supplies, Food-production processes and Environment – our kids grew up in Singapore and Australia : The Baby Satay promise : " We'll only feed you what we feed our kids "

  2. No to All Unknown Food Source – we serve quality meats only from certified food suppliers from reputable countries – no Mad Cows, Bird-flu chickens or unknown meats for us !

  3. Yes to Great Natural Taste – our satays are marinated locally to ensure freshness with at least 10 spices, all natural and sourced from Malaysia , Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, India and Australia to create this great authentic taste.

  4. No to MSG, Artificial Colouring, Preservatives and Flavouring – with operations in Australia, we are especially sensitive to allergies and you can be rest assured that we ban MSG and all artificial colouring, preservatives and flavouring from our food.

  5. Yes to helping kids and parents eat better and healthier – it’s hard enough to get our kids to eat properly. We are committed to quality, great-tasting, healthier and easy-to-prepare food that both kids and adults will simply love.

  6. No to Trans Fat and other bad cholesterol – we use only natural oils and the grilling process will eliminate all excess oil - the world does not need another fast food joint.

  7. Yes to Charity and giving back to society – more than 10% of all profits will be donated to charities and other good social causes. Feel free to let us know of charities you support!

  8. No to exploitation of workers, child labour, etc – where appropriate, we will employ under-privileged workers and pay fair wages.

  9. Yes to your Suggestions to help us to serve you better – we also welcome special customized orders to meet your special dietary needs or preferences.

  10. No to Bad, Unfriendly and Unresponsive Service – Life in Hong Kong is stressful enough !

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Last updated: January 9, 2012